PLEASE NOTE: Empire Live reccommends using Google Chrome to view our live videos. Please also ensure that you visit in your chrome browser to find your show and not through a mail application or container.

Quick Links:

Ticket Purchases

Visit any event page and click "Buy Now" in the video player when prompted. If you are buying a ticket for a live stream that is yet to take place, complete the purchase and you should get a confirmation email. Don't be alarmed if the video player on Empire Live says "Processing Payment". If you get your confirmation email with your watch code, you'll be all set when the event goes live! Simply revisit the page at the time of the event and enter your code when/if prompted. If you complete your ticket purchase but don't get a confirmation email with a watch code, please send an email to We will be happy to help!


Using Digital Ticket Codes


Whre is my watch code?

You should receive an email from with all of the details for your ticket (see image below). Yor code is in the body of the email, along with the URL at which you can access the stream. If you don't receive the email, please contact and let us know which show or video you purchased a ticket for. We will be happy to assist!


For Live Events: Live streams start about 1/2 hour before the band takes the stage. This gives users time to grab their favorite beverage and settle in. As soon as the stream goes live, you can visit the URL of the event. If you are watching on the same device you used to purchase the ticket, sit back and enjoy the stream! If you are using a different device than the one you used to purchase your ticket, simply find the email with your code, enter it at the ticket screen in the viewer, and enjoy!

For Archived Events: You can watch as soon as your payment goes through. You'll still be sent an email with details on your purchase. Enjoy!